Turn Data Into Insights Faster

Data, the lifeblood of all businesses, is pouring in from sensors, networks, applications, and an ever-expanding hoard of connected devices. The move to the cloud has resulted in an exponential increase in data creation, and the industry is just scratching the surface with cloud adoption. Analysts estimate that perhaps 5–15 percent of IT spending has moved to the cloud. With the costs of compute and storage decreasing every day, businesses are storing more data than ever before. Opportunities to transform the business with this data exist all along the value chain. But making such a transformation requires that organizations get a full picture and a single source of truth about their customers and their businesses.

It requires asking tough questions of your organization: Does your organization even have access to all of its data, or is it blind to the data that matters most? Are the teams that need that data waiting in a queue, or are they creating their own shadow copies and working as best as they can to roughly assemble? Can they draw meaningful insights by accessing the data quickly and at scale?