AssetsThe Impact of Accelerating Storage and Data Protection Environments

The Impact of Accelerating Storage and Data Protection Environments


Cloud Compatibility

The survey asked respondents how much importance their organizations place on investing in storage and data protection solutions that are compatible with future cloud computing goals. These include solutions like multi-cloud compatibility to ensure the organization has the flexibility to choose the optimal cloud environment for their workloads, the ability to run data-intensive applications in the public cloud without racking up exorbitant data egress costs, and the ability to leverage common storage and data protection management tools regardless of where the infrastructure resides (private cloud, edge, or public cloud). While cloud compatibility matters to most organizations, the data shows that Accelerators focus much more on this than their counterparts (see Figure 3). While 70% of Accelerators say the cloud compatibility of storage and data protection investments is critical to their organizations, just 42% of Reactors report the same.

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