Epicor for Rubber & Plastics brochure

Rubber and Plastics continues to be a growing industry

The rubber and plastics sector continues to be a growing industry full of innovation and forward-thinking people. With Industry 4.0 now becoming mainstream, those attributes will be even more important in the coming years. With climate change and resource depletion being hot topics around the world, renewably sourced polymers are starting to look increasingly appealing. The benefits of plastic are undeniable. The material is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to make. Those qualities have led to a boom in the production of plastics over the past half century, and this trend will carry on as plastic production continues to increase over the next decade. With the nature of the world’s global economy, understanding how to get an edge in today’s connected world is more important than ever. Efficiency is still a top priority, especially given the global nature of the competitive landscape, customer price sensitivity, and ever-shrinking timelines for new product introduction. If you’re serious about tightening up business and operations efficiencies, now is the time to connect your enterprise and examine your processes—from the shop floor, all the way up to the top floor. At Epicor, we understand your business—from the basics of mold management and high run production, to the mechanics of quality and customer service, and right on up to the nuances of strategy and planning. With Epicor, you can count on us to play a big part in any digital transformation or smart factory plans. We can help you make the most of what you already have, get you ready for the opportunities you face right now, and help you stay ahead of the curve as you change and grow along with your market and customers.

Epicor software for Rubber and Plastics is a connected enterprise software solution including Epicor Kinetic and Epicor Advanced MES designed for make-to-stock and make-to-order businesses that focus on injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, thermal forming, extrusion, and similar complex manufacturing capabilities. Do your customers have stringent requirements? It doesn’t matter if you’re supplying to industrial machinery, automotive, aerospace and defense, electronics and electrical, medical device, or the energy industry. If you have high expectations for your business partner and need a solution to help you manage the requirements of your customers, then look to Epicor to support simple-to-complex build plans, make-to-order, make- to-stock, or mixed-mode environments with a single, comprehensive system.

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