The Critical Nature of Incident Readiness and Response

Contain Costs and Reduce Risk with a Strong Cybersecurity Posture

The evolution of IT infrastructure, cloud-based applications and cloud-based workloads has elevated the importance of incident readiness and response. As organizations continue to make substantial changes to pursue the “next normal,” it’s essential to leverage expertise to help recover quickly from an incident and limit the cost and reputational damage of an attack.

Incident readiness and response service providers continue to evolve to meet organizational preferences and expectations. IDC recently conducted a research survey into the trends, challenges and benefits associated with IR and readiness. Download this thought leadership white paper to gain insights into:

  • Organizations’ cybersecurity maturity level.
  • IR purchase methods, retainers and SLAs.
  • What contributes to attackers’ success.
  • Top incident response provider capabilities.
  • The importance of telemetry, cloud IR and remediation.

This research data enables you to see how your organization compares by industry, company size and more and can help you formulate action plans to improve your incident readiness and response.