Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Checklist

How to Match SCA Solutions to Your Specific Needs

It’s simple: software composition analysis (SCA) helps teams prevent open source security and compliance risks.

But the choices have gotten complicated. While this automated application security process has been around for decades, the rise of agile, cloud-native development and the increase of open source software in modern applications means that teams require robust SCA security now more than ever.

The fact is, not all SCA solutions are created equal, and identifying the key criteria your organization needs to maintain holistic cloud-native security and compliance is hard.

Make the process easier and faster for your team with this checklist.

It highlights six critical components essential for a complete, robust SCA solution. Download it for insights, including:

  • Key SCA features you should look out for while evaluating solutions.
  • Tips for mitigating common security and compliance risks.
  • The benefits of a context-aware, developer-first approach to SCA and more!