Microsoft will promote its Bing AI Chatbot in an update to Windows 11

Microsoft said that it will begin to promote its recently launched new Bing Chatbot — which is built upon OpenAI’s artificial intelligence in an upgrade to Windows 11.

Bing is not highly popular yet, but the Windows operating system drives around 9% revenue of Microsoft. It is the leading operating system in the world, with almost 82% share as of 2021. Adding a link to the refreshed Bing just next to the most familiar Start button is a big push forward for the promotion of Bing AI Chatbot.

This move will help Microsoft to challenge Google’s Bard Chatbot.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “It’s a new day in search. It’s a new paradigm in search. Rapid innovation is going to come.”

Microsoft spokesperson said, “After entering a query into the search portion of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, a user will see search results and a new chat button. Clicking that button will open an Edge browser window and prompt the Bing Chatbot to respond to the person’s query.”

Everyone will not see the chat button option in Windows 11 at first since Microsoft has given access to the new Bing to a limited number of people initially.

Microsoft’s product chief, Panos Panay, wrote, “In time, the taskbar change might drive higher use of the updated Bing. More than 500 million people use the Windows search box each month.”