Customer 360 Best Practices

Customer data is an undisputed driver of business success and when used wisely it can make industry leaders. Customer data is often complex and siloed, which hinders an organization’s ability to leverage information. When organizations unify, integrate, and make accessible their customer data they make more informed decisions that attract and retain more customers.

Beyond the complexity and sprawl, what constitutes “customer data” continues to evolve. It’s no longer just basic demographics, click-stream behavior on websites, or the items in a shopping cart. Customer data extends to connected devices, support channel interactions, content created and consumed, etc. The importance and evolution of customer data means that more organizations have or will need to implement a C360. A C360 is the ability to maintain a persisted and unified view of all customers at the organization level. A C360 collects customer information from across the organization and provides a single source of truth for all customer data.