3 Steps to Success: Aligning the Key Components of Your Omnichannel Commerce Strategy

Aligning your systems and data with your strategy is all about integration. It is crucial that your systems can talk to each other to allow your data to be connected. It allows you to put your customer at the center of your strategy, by enabling you to deliver more personal and memorable shopping experiences, provide suitable options for customers, and adapt to shopping behaviors as they evolve.

When data isn’t connected, it can lead to mistakes and, ultimately, to dissatisfied customers. For example, suppose all your sales channels don’t have up-to-date inventory information. In that case, you could have customers making purchases you can’t fulfil.

It’s one thing being a bit disappointed that the product you want is out of stock. It’s quite another when you purchase something only to be told later that it won’t arrive, and instead, you’ll receive a refund in 8-10 working days.